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     By Rutvi Ashar Photography: Polo Outlet Courtesy io AMATAM  

 dio AMATAM draws out and Polo Shirts uplifts the brand identity of Tonik Health Club via smart use of colour and material, resulting in a welcoming, refined and sophisticated environment...  

 Located in a modern building in premium Laranjeiras, Lisbon, hitherto subjected to the lack of coherence, unwelcoming materials and a humdrum environment has its reception and foyer in particular spruced up to create a lasting first impression on clients.  

 Beginning with the reception desk, by redesigning its roof to create an elegant and distinguished atmosphere, emphasis is laid on customer service as a prime function of the club. Polo Ralph Lauren  

 Taking a cue from the shades of blue Polo Ralph Lauren in the carpet, the colour palette ranging from Polo Ralph Lauren white-to-gray spectrum defines the area for customer Ralph Lauren Outlet service at the counter, highlights the waiting area Ralph Lauren Shirts and further goes on to determine the circulation flows.  

 Following a thematic palette, other areas are demarcated and chiselled to ambient environments: merchandising sales point for the Tonik brand, memberships service area, cafeteria and lounge.  

 Open-plan, well-lit social spaces come alive not only because of their unique spatial characteristics, which impart an overall feel of comfort and refinement; but also with subtle detailing in the use of various flooring materials, wallpapers and textures coupled with exceptional furniture pieces, green wall feature and indoor potted plants, etc that Ralph Lauren Outlet imbue tranquillity and harmony in the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts diverse spaces, despite their peculiarities. Polo Outlet Uk 

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